Employment Law

Employment Contracts

Advice and Support

We work with our clients and the firm’s other departments to provide advice and support to businesses and individuals on practical and legal employment matters.

Our aim is to help our clients achieve their overall objectives by providing practical and innovative advice.

The Basics

We assist our clients by drafting, reviewing and implementing employment documentation that:

  • ensures compliance with legal requirements;
  • gives real incentives for employees to align their interests with those of the business, using share options, bonus, commission structures and other mechanisms;
  • clarifies business policies and procedures making effective management easier;
  • retains flexibility;
  • protects the business and employee, including the drafting and review of covenants that restrict competition.


We work with employer clients to deal with issues on restructuring such as:

  • Consultation processes
  • Changing contractual terms
  • Redundancy selection
  • Avoiding claims for unfair selection for redundancy
  • Resisting challenges to redundancies
  • Tribunal cases

Supporting Employers

Our role is to support our clients by helping them to manage the day-to-day employment issues that arise and to anticipate future changes. This includes assisting directors, managers and HR professionals with:

  • performance management, implementing disciplinary and incapability processes and procedures;
  • employee relations, implementing consultation and other appropriate procedures and managing employee complaints;
  • understanding employment protection laws including those relating to unfair and wrongful dismissal and discrimination;
  • managing executive dismissals;
  • interpreting and applying new legislation, including the Employment Act 2008, human rights, data protection measures, and planning for future domestic and European laws;
  • managing the commercial and employment issues that arise from outsourcing or other forms of business transfer or change;
  • assessing and developing compensation and benefits packages;
  • developing and implementing relocation policies for employees;
  • preparing and managing redundancy processes and the redeployment of staff;
  • handling business issues that arise from self employment and consultancy;
  • dealing with age, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion or belief and disability discrimination.

Supporting Employees and Officers

In relation to individuals, we also offer support in:

  • advising directors and senior managers on their duties and responsibilities, including personal liabilities;
  • supporting senior managers and HR professionals with the difficult decisions they often face in implementing business strategy;
  • negotiating severance packages and compromise agreements;
  • negotiating employment contracts and consultancy agreements;
  • assessing the merits and issues arising from management buyouts and corporate restructurings;
  • helping employees to understand their own employment rights, remedies and opportunities.

Dispute Resolution

Dismissal from employment can be a complicated and expensive process. We can advise on:

  • reducing and mitigating the risks associated with dismissals;
  • advising on alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, including using internal appeals, mediation, union representatives and ACAS;
  • Defending or commencing Employment Tribunal applications. For details of our pricing for bringing and defending claims for unfair dismissal and wrongful dismissal in the Employment Tribunal, please click on this link;
  • handling High and County Court injunction work;
  • appointment and removal of directors, considering the corporate law rights, remedies and requirements;
  • resolving shareholder and share option disputes.

How we work with you

We try to be flexible in the way that we provide our services and can work on a project basis, ongoing retainer or case-by-case basis.

As a new and youthful firm, our culture is to be friendly and approachable and to embrace modern technology. If it helps our clients to meet their chosen goals, we also look for synergies and try to promote business relationships and opportunities between our clients and contacts.


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