Moorcrofts Charity Night at the Races

Moorcrofts is hosting a Charity Night at the Races in aid of its charity of the Year, SpecialEffect.

SpecialEffect is a fantastic charity that is continuously developing gaming software to enable people with disabilities to access leisure technology and play video games. You can read all about SpecialEffect and the amazing work they do on their website.

We would be delighted if you and your colleagues could join us for a fun evening whilst at the same time raising money for this worthy charity.

Date Thursday 29 September 2022
Time 7:00 – 10:30PM
Ticket Price £15 per person (100% donated to SpecialEffect)
Food and Beverages Complimentary Fish & Chip supper. Cash Bar open all night.
Venue Marlow Rowing Club, Marlow Bridge Lane, Bisham, Marlow, SL7 1RH

Here’s how it works:


  • There will be 8 races on the night and each race has 8 horses running.


    • Attendees can bet on a horse (or multiple horses but subject to a maximum of 50 bets in total on any one horse) in each race.
    • 1 bet costs £1.
    • A Prize of £100 per race will be shared amongst those who bet on the winning horse (rounded down to the nearest 50p).
    • At least 50% of the Prize will be covered by Moorcrofts. The balance of the Prize will be paid out of the excess of total bets made per race above £50 (if any). Any residual balance of bets in each race shall be donated to SpecialEffect.

Race Sponsorship

  • You can also choose to sponsor one of the 8 races on the night, or in advance as part of the corporate package.
  • Sponsoring a race costs £25.
  • A race sponsor gets to name the race (which if purchased as part of the corporate package will be included in the race programme).

Horse Sponsorship

  • You can also choose to sponsor one of the 64 horses running on the night.
  • Sponsoring a horse costs £5 per horse.
  • If the horse that you sponsor wins the race, you will win a fabulous prize!

Corporate Package

  • You can choose to purchase a corporate package for the evening. The corporate package costs £200 and includes:
    • entry for 5 people;
    • Fish & Chip supper for 5 people;
    • 1 x race sponsorship;
    • 5 x horse sponsorship;
    • complimentary bottle of wine;
    • Company logo included in the race programme as an event sponsor;
    • a designated table for your team; and
    • promotional photo opportunity and shout out on social media.

Event Sold Out